MXKEY v3.5 revision 1.2, Public-Release

Partial fix:
- NK
  bugfixed, SL3 read PhoneIDs shows 'Operations not supported'
v3.5 revision 1.2, Public-Release
  Added, Files synchronization feature
   Allows to check and update important files with server without installing full setup.
   Also usefull to minimize problems because of users patch.
  Fixed, Access violation on XP for PC without HTI(WinUsb) installed
  Check For updates and Signle module update removed(replaced with Synchronize Files)
- NK(Nokia Service Tool)
  Added, optional SX5 serial used for SL3 NCK calc (*)
  Added, Latest flash update definition to setup
  Added, Options to disable/enable RAPIDO new protocol for USB flashing
  Added, Options to disable/enable embedded SBL for XGOLD flashing
  Added, HTI SoftTMA Resistor selection (*)
  Added, Local storage definition for DCC and RFBB data.
  Added, DCC data verify after write
  Improved, DCC data write (If DCC write fail, DATA will be written as PM)
  Fixed, Download in background deadlock bug
  Fixed, PM erase bug (was early stoped on newer BB5 phone)
  Fixed, DCT4 flashing
  Fixed, New ProductProfile write

- QCD(CDMA Service Tool)
  updated patch definition to version 1.4
   added unlock definition for: Haier Q9+-INAV1.04-100326-JWD, method: patch unlock
   added unlock definition for: ZTE SM_C36X_RBTL05NV1.0.0B05, method: direct unlock(untested!)
   fixed unlock definition for: ZTE TM_S189_RBTL35NV1.0.2B01, method: direct unlock
   fixed unlock definition for: ZTE TM_S168_RBTL35NV1.0.0B02, method: direct unlock
   see "modules\{9A05071F-D3A6-484B-8E3E-C6F47311C78C}\supported_phones.txt" for list supported models 
- BB (BlackBerry Tool)
  Added, Factory lock status on device scan
  Minor bug fixes
 (*) required HTI firmware version 00.17 or later



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