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Nokia Insert SIM Solution BY STBSL


Universal Unlocker v1.0 by Dr.Raygun

UST Pro8 + Driver
MSL + Driver
NS dongle + Driver
SeTool + Driver
DOWNLOAD Universal Unlocker v1.0.exe

MTBOX NOKIA Updates Here

NEW MT-BOX NOKIA Updates and download link
MT Box Nokia - MTB NK v1.60 setup

Release notes:

* Added support for FBUS flashing "RAPU-YAMA" phones : E52, 6700, 5630 etc...
* Fixed number of files that can be flashed to new BB5 phones.
* Changes regard to E71, E66 flashing. For those phones, in 'Automatic actions while flashing' option 'Low level format before Content' must be checked.

For BB5 phones, this option will restart phone in Normal Mode after MCU flash, and execute 'low level format' this is needed in order for phone to normally flash PPM.
Because this phones uses a lot of power it might be unable to restart in Normal Mode. In such case we recommend the following procedure as work around:

Solution 1:

1. Flash just MCU Flash file (check MCU checkbox only).
2. Put battery in phone and start.
3. Wait 10 seconds after it powers on.
4. Connect to MT and flash the other files ( uncheck MCU box, and check boxes for other files).
5. Flashing should …

HWK Upgrade Client Error Messages FAQ

General notes:

- It is better not to use Win98 to upgrade HWK module. Please use Win2k/XP only because Upgrade client was developed for these OS'es
- Old UFS and HWK software versions will not work after HWK module, new software versions will also not work with not updated HWK module
- Please disable all antivirus and firewall softwares before upgrade
- Before running upgrade client it is recommended to set screen resolution to not less than 1024x768 and font size to Normal
- NEVER publish your UFS and HWK serial numbers on forum
- Please pay attention to the message, that is shown by software at the end of upgrade procedure. If it is - "Update successful, use Client again to authorize HWK", you should run upgrade client again to authorize your HWK module (actually - repeat operation).

Error messages:

HWK upgrade error. This error occures when HWK was affected by third-party tools before upgrade or your HWK is a clone. Please don't contact…