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HWK V Minor Update Release 04/07/2011

UFS HWK NEW UPDATE Release Date: 04/07/2011

The Official release is ready in our download area

WARNING !!! If the HWK is a "TRIAL" or affected by 3rd party tools, this software may not work properly, so use at your own risk.
DCTxBB5 V ------------------ 1. DCT4+ ASIC2 Unlock Bug Fixed  (RH-92,RH-93,RH-94,RH-95,RM-189,RM-190,RM-225) 2. Wrong Locks Status Indicator Fixed (RH-86,RH-87) 3. Detail Description Message on Bad VPL File Exception. 4. BB5 RAPU Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added: RM-744,RM-745,RM-775 (C5-00.3,C5-00.2,X3-02.5)

LG_GSM v ----------------- 1. Infineon:  A100,A100a,A175,A175a,A175b,A180a,A180b,GB102GO,GB 105a, GB107a,GB125a,GB126a,GS101a,GS101GO,GS107a,GS107b, GS117, GS155,GS155a,GS155b,GS500f,GU200,GU200a,GU200b,KF5 10c, KF600c,KF600d,KM570,KM570f,KP105a,KP106a,KP106b,KP 107a, KP107b,T325g,TE350GO added. 2. ADI:  KP115a,KP130b,KP215a,KP260c,KP265d added.