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MX KEY v3.2 revision 5.6, Public-Release


v3.2 revision 5.6, Public-Release
#Minor update
Added, Application Signing system
~ This is new application security improvement
~ Application will check it signatures when needed, this will check unique card id, application version, and signature datetime validity
~ New created signature will be valid for next 6 month after signing
~ It means that after new update, you might need to 'Sign Application' if the current signature doesnt meet the requirement.
~ Before signing request, sw will set system datetime from ntp server if datetime is not correct.
~ Note: Make sure you have set you computer date,time.
~ The application signing system will not work on the computer with invalid date time !
Removed, Ping on server check
Fixed, Windows Vista SP2 compability.
- NK
Added, BB5 RAPU USB Flashing(spesially for new Flash)
Added, Dynamic Camera Configuration upload
~ This features located at 'Phone Test->Camera'
Added, TIKU CDMA Product Data (PREPAID_CS_TYPE) fix using…