Az Easy Finder v4.6i

Special cable tool all in one 2008

Easy finder 4.6i Special Edition
1.very fast result data base
2. silver metallic shade back round
3. Customize option Add

easy finder Setup V-4.6i

How to use easy finder?
1.Click/Type to find info.
2.You can add your Name & organization by MOUSE RIGHT-CLICKING 9 times (C T F Logo) on the screen.
You will see a prompt asking to enter name & organization.Enter those values correctly.
3.Find Cables,Products,Category,Generation,asic nokia bb5 model viewer, codes & erase address etc.
4.Supported phones,DCT4,BB-5,SAM,MOTO,LG,SIE,SE etc.

DOWNLOAD Az Easy Finder v4.6i setup


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